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What Our Customers Think
My content team adores Robinize. For starters, it's simple to use. It eases the research, writing, and optimization process and saves time. Plus, it helped us reach the results we wanted on SERP. Highly recommended.
Love that the tool is so easy to use and share within a team. It gives my team only relevant data and they are able to do their work in less time with more quality.
My personal favorites of this tool are H-tag suggestions within the terms, inspiration and FAQ. They really gave our content a competitive advantage. All in all a great tool.
Efficient and time-saving SEO content creation software. We used to manually research our competitors and now the tool does that for us. It gives great suggestions about terms and headings to use and the increase of traffic is visible as we speak.
Amazing tool for content creation and optimization. We updated our existing content, and the traffic we are getting is quite impressive for such a short period of time.
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So fortunate to be one of the beta testers of Robinize. My blog posts reached Google's top pages in just 3 months of using it. I'm super happy and I'm going to keep on using it. Kudos Robinize.
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Game-changer would be an understatement. We’ve observed a remarkable increase in organic traffic to our blog and website after only a few months of using Robinize as our written content SEO tool and we use it on a weekly basis. LOVE IT!
I always had this narrative in my head that SEO is complicated and very difficult to understand and learn. I experience Robinize to be a game changer, easy to understand, use, and move forward. I appreciate a lot the inspiration that comes from it, too.

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How it works

Keyword researchUse our keyword research module to find out which words are worth trying to rank for
Detailed reportGenerate a report that provides all the information about what your top 20 competitors are writing to rank
AI ModuleUtilize our Al module to generate a new article, which combines the topics covered by your competitors with your unique personal touch
WordPress IntegrationPost the content to your website, either by copying it or through our WordPress integration
Rank TrackingTrack your ranking for each keyword and observe the growth in your rankings

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2 projects30 AI credits2 keyword researches3 keyword trackingsPremium Support
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3 projects200 AI credits10 keyword researches50 keyword trackingsPremium Support
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3 user seats
50 reports / month
20 projects1500 AI credits40 keyword researches200 keyword trackingsPremium Support


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