Greenfee365's organic traffic flourishing after applying Robinize

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At Robinize, we are proud of the success of our partners and clients. And when it comes with the sweet taste of great communication and open feedback culture.

Of course, great product/service is the only good basis for significant SEO results, and Greenfee365 has it all. I was mostly impressed by a review from their customer that said "The candy shop for golfers". Being sweet and precise on one side, but it really shows how much it helps golfers book tee times.

What is Greenfee365?

Niklas Knoph, Head of Content, introduces us to everything Greenfee365 is all about and how helpful it is for golfers all around the globe. Let's take a look:

"We operate as a marketplace for golf tourism, hyper-targeting a selected crowd towards certain destinations in collaboration with golf courses. We gather information on global golfers based on the forecast of travel patterns by destination preferences from different regions around the world. The analytical effort of addressing golfers geographically and accurately can be very time-consuming, but Robinize enables us to effectively create written content that generates organic online traffic from the intended area of users.

We aim to make it easier for golfers to find and book tee times at their desired destinations. Before implementing written content SEO from Robinize, Greenfee365 struggled to increase its organic traffic and visibility in search engine results. However, since implementing these strategies, we’ve observed a significant boost in organic traffic and overall blog and website performance.

How does Greenfee365 use Robinize?

We started out by primarily using Robinize’s keyword research and optimization. By thoroughly researching relevant keywords and incorporating them into the website and blog content, we’re now able to rank higher in search results for those keywords. This led to an increase in organic traffic as more users were able to find the website through simple golf searches on Google.

In addition to keyword optimization, Robinize also focused on improving the overall quality and relevance of the written content on the Greenfee365 website and blog. This included conducting careful research to ensure that the content was accurate and up-to-date while utilizing subheadings and bullet points to make the content more visually appealing and easy to read.

The instant feedback of inspirational sources from market competitors that rank highly on Google is an extremely helpful tool as it serves as a guide to creating content based on relevant topics within the intended subject. 

When comparing our current organic to our statistics from the previous year, our blog’s page views have increased by approximately 175%. In addition, we’ve experienced a 247% increase in blog page visitors along with a 214% increase in sessions.

Overall, the implementation of written content SEO by Robinize has greatly benefited Greenfee365 by increasing our organic traffic and visibility in search results. By focusing on keyword research and optimization, improving the quality and relevance of the written content, and implementing technical SEO tactics, Greenfee365 has been able to improve its performance and attract more users to its website and blog.

This has not only helped to drive more traffic to the website, but has also increased the company's overall online presence, reach, branding, and sales."

This is just the beginning of Greenfee365's new approach and strategy to enhance and improve its organic digital performance. The integration of Robinize as Greenfee365's primary organic SEO tool is a major milestone in their journey towards disrupting the digital landscape of golf experiences.

With Robinize's innovative technology and data-driven approach, Greenfee365 is poised to revolutionize the way golf enthusiasts access information and book tee times online.

The future looks bright for Greenfee365, and we can't wait to see the impact they will have on the industry. This is an exciting time for the golf world, and we look forward to seeing Greenfee365's continued growth and success.