How to create high-ranking content fast?

SEO know-how combined with AI makes your content creation easy and efficient
As an SEO content writer, you have a list of things to do for each article:
  • Keyword research:Find a keyword worth writing content for.
  • Analyze top competitors' content
  • Write content that outshines them.
  • Post it to your website.
  • Continously follow up to see if you've started ranking.

Robinize is an all-in-one tool that speeds up this process 10X.

Explore how:



Store all your keyword research, reports, and writing in folders. Each folder is intended to be used for one specific website project you're working on.

Keyword research

Discover what your competitors are ranking for, identify their gaps, and pinpoint where your biggest opportunities lie. Gain access to thousands of potential keywords related to your topic that you could rank for, all with just a few clicks.

Detailed report

TermsGet a auick overview of how vour too combetitors structure their articles, and how they make use of headers Use this as further inspiration for your content.
InspirationFAQ provides you with questions from Google's "People Also Ask," and it shows you what else people want to know about your target keywords. You also have short answers to those questions, so you don't have to go back and forth and waste time. Once you click on the Inspiration tab, you will find out all about additional KWs you can rank for. Some of those sub-keywords will help you get closer to discovering user intent and provide you with potential subheading ideas.
OutlinesGet a quick overview of how your top competitors structure their articles, and how they make use of headers. Use this as further inspiration for your content.
WordPress IntegrationGet an evaluation of the content score of your competitors, so that you know where the bar is set, and where you have to get.

How Robinize makes sure you only get the best recommendations for your content

Content scoring provides you with a basis and objective goal to aim for. Robinize grades your content and the content of your competitors on a scale from 1-10. It recommends the length of your content and measures your word count. The readability level determines text comprehensiveness by using Flesch reading ease. Add a human factor, aka the best writer, and you are set for greatness.

AI content builder

Our Al has analize the questions your competitors address in their content. You can select the questions you want your article to answer, structure them as you see fit, and generate content for each question. If you're not satisfied with the initial content, simply click on the magic wand to tell the Al how to modify it, or ask it to regenerate the content entirely. With just a click, you'll also receive excellent suggestions for both the title and meta description of your content.

Don't forget the headline and meta description.

Every article needs them and they are super important. Robinize makes sure both of them are within the SEO required range of characters. All in all, Robinize provides you with resources that amke your content writing process easier, better and SEO optimized

Website integration

Robinize offers an integration feature that enables you to post articles directly from our platform into your CMS. Currently, we only support WordPress, but we are actively working on expanding our integrations to include other popular platforms.

Rank Tracking

Don't just write content, follow up on how you're doing in Google. With our rank tracking module, you can follow your position over time, for any given keyword.